Franciacorta comprises an area of 320 square kilometres, it boundaries marked by the city of Brescia, the Rhaetian Pre-Alps, Lago d’Iseo, and the Oglio river. A region of gently-rolling hills, with limestone- and gravel-rich soils, it is the heartland of Italy’s most celebrated sparkling wines.
Cool breezes descending from the pre-alpine valleys bring wide day-night temperature swings, generous sunlight, and well-distributed rainfall, optimal conditions for producing the base wines ideal for the re-fermentation in the bottle demanded by the classic method.
This still-youthful niche growing area has already achieved spectacular results.

Franciacorta, Italy’s first classic-method sparkling wine to win DOCG status, in 1995, is also the first to win placement of its name on the front label: Franciacorta refers, at one and the same time, to an area, a method, and a wine.


An historical villa with a secular park, hiding the cellars from 1850 that were built to preserve the wines that nowadays find the most elegance expression with Franciacorta method.


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