That harvest showed itself propitious. The clusters came into the cellar sound and concentrated, perfect for Franciacorta base wines of great complexity and varietal fidelity. Chardonnay clusters were pressed that had been hand-selected from mature vineyards which promised long-lived wines. The following spring, a cuvée was assembled in which the elegance of the Chardonnay retained its edge over the structure provided by the Pinot Noir. The maturation had to be lengthy, five years sur lie, and the character of the wine fine enough to support a very low, Extra Brut style dosage. Thus was born Quintessence, the very crown of the Antica Fratta project, quintessence of its history and that of its growing area. Seven thousand bottles were made, encased in a costly custom box that underscored the precious value contributed by its grapes, the expertise of its oenologists, and its long evolution in the cellar.

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Recommended for the whole meal, especially with entrées, flavoursome meat and fish dishes. Ideal with salamis and cheese.